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The Centers Services

Medical Record and Bill Retrieval

  • Gather and manage the medical records and/or bills needed for your case with storage on our secure web portal.
  • We deal with the follow-up to ensure a timely turnaround on retrieval efforts; averaging 18 days from time of request to receipt of the records.

Settlement Demand Preparation

  • Outline the medical facts and expenses related to the injury with focus on any future permanency rating and additional expenses.
  • Easy integration into attorney’s liability component of the settlement demand letter.

Merit Evaluation of Case with Recommendations

  • Outline the violations in Standards of Care, Practice Management and/or the OBRA Code of Federal Regulations for medical malpractice and nursing home negligence/abuse cases.
  • Apply recommendations for further case assessment.

Assess Pre-Produced Medical Records

  • Assessment of pre-produced records for completeness, accuracy and compliance.
  • Identify additional medical records required for full assessment and evaluation to allow early re-collection of records to keep the process flowing and cost-effective.

Organize & Assemble Medical Records

  • Assessment of retrieved records for completeness, accuracy and compliance.
  • Chronological organization and assemblance of medical records.
    • Electronic copy with PDF Bates stamping and bookmarking
    • Hard copy, paper records with paginating, tabbing and indexing

Case Analysis

  • Review and summarize key facts of the medical record highlighting diagnoses and medical terms.
  • Includes: Chronology (with hyperlinks to the medical records), Timeline, Provider List and Facility List.


  • Outline the incident, injuries sustained, medical care required, apply Standards of Care for medical malpractice, and describe the past health versus current functionality post injury.
  • Address the economic and special damages along with injury permanency and effect on quality of life.

Medical Billing Evaluation & Summarization

  • Medical Bills The CentersGather and organize medical bills accrued for all treatment with detailed analysis of adjustments and payments.

Research/Summarize Authoritative Literature & Case Review

  • Evaluate the scientific literature, state and federal requirements, as well as facility standards to support the case findings and injury outcomes.

Comparative Analysis of Specific Results

  • Create a comparative outline of key diagnoses, medical findings, or test results to highlight the injury or provide insight into prior health history as it relates to the aspects of the case.

Interactive Binder

  • Prepare an electronic binder of all medical records, reports, and diagrams for easy access and portability. A great tool for mediation and/or trial.

Locating & Screening Medical Expert

  • Locate and screen up to 3 medical experts in the field(s) relevant to the case theme.
  • If requested, we conduct an interview with each medical expert to determine their suitability and provide the attorney with recommendations as well as the curriculum vitae of the expert(s) most qualified to speak on the facts of the case.

Verdict & Settlement Analysis

  • Gather information related to prior verdicts and settlements for the specific injury/injuries involved in the case. Focus given to the specific region where the case is located. Preparation of the report includes case resolution by party, verdict v. settlement, and outcome award.

Mediation/Trial Exhibit

  • Preparation of one or more of the following exhibits as needed for case impact:
    • Timeline of treatment
    • Illustration of the impact on life
    • Other customized visual design to illustrate important aspects of each individual case
The Centers Services

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